Bruce Henderson already making awesome business analytic tool for reviewing a comprehensive data about your business structure internally or externally, with compare to market recent activities. In this article I’m going to discuss some example of BCG Matrix in excel template using for preparing documentation and other project status reporting.

Analyzing Business Growth through BCG Matrix

When catering the project segments and analyzing the task accomplishment stages, the most comprehensive way to monitor is the checklist template specially formed with MS Excel which carries the detailed sections of every minute and major project segment which is the tentative target for project accomplishment.

These BCG Matrix chart are exclusively designed to provide ease of task to all the project managers and activity supervisors. These tools are required usually at greater level in working as by far the larger projects have larger segments to be undertaken.

BCG MAtrix Template

Advantages of BCG Matrix Template

There are versatile formats and appearances in these templates with various analytical features embedded. Using these templates can help you saving your time rather than manually conducting the section check over and notifying the deficient portion. Catering all the simply marked items and tasks in the list can help you in provisionally spending minimum time on the review and chronicle supervision.

  • Drive excessive workout in smarter ways by exploring different variants of excel templates
  • Use other excel templates to consider a standard working format with digital project management

Microsoft Excel Feature Points out Shortcomings 

Since we have already stated the deep gross purpose of creating BCG using Microsoft excel, the entire reason to consult with the pointed list is to point out the possible short comings and errors in human working. Once you relate each activity to the plan or prompt mentioned in that checklist, it becomes easier for your to measure the progress and nominating lags if exist.

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