In this template of Part 1 you need to remember some initial level items for starting document preliminary phase. First of all you must mentioned your Company Introduction which states Company history, about company status, organization structure and other basic level things need to start the action plan document.

Mission and Objective Statement

In this phase mentioned company unique mission, objective after research and competitive analysis, approach should be easy to get and in substantial way.

Action Plan Page 1-2

Action Plan Word Document Template

Assumption and Constrain

In this table you need to mentioned all particular project related assumptions and constrains, each task related problems regarding their job role person must be identify in it.

For Excel Action plan review this topic.

Management Structure with Role and Responsibilities

In this chart you can define organizational hierarchy and structure of defining order like top management to bottom level with role and responsibilities. For example if action plan is around between I to 5 year than who is the charge of this project and which will be the responsible for this? Each question must be address in this area for resolving issues and management conflicts.

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