It is a practice which assists the administrators of the network to further divide the IP address space in subnets. This division gives dissimilar sizes of subnets contrary to the Subnetting in which same subnets of similar sizes are obtained. Hence, it can be asserted that the VLSM is in its sense a subnetting of a subnet.

That is, the Variable Length Subnet Mask splits down the IP addresses into multiple subnets. Review some CCNA subnetting question exam and some important details about it. The VLSM then allocates this according to the requirements of the individual server on the network.

Therefore, this can also be characterized as an unrestricted IP addressing. On the other hand, restricted addressing has a common principle which gives rise to wastage of IP address.many students looking for exact CISCO CCNA VLSM exam questions for practicing 640-802 and other CCNA exams. Having a subnet of fifty hosts would require a block size of 64. Similarly, the subnet consisting of thirty hosts would require the relevant block size of 32.

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Exam Facts

It is a certification provided by the Software Company Cisco. It is considered to be one of the giants of international software corporations. Therefore, the certification by Cisco has its authenticity and value of a high-level. Cisco has Career certification standards. CCNA certification is the primary level of this career-certification program.

It entails the skills to organize, establish, manage and troubleshoot the middle-sized routed and switched networks. This also entails the implementation and validation of links to the remote sites in a WAN. In order to acquire the CCNA qualification level, a good score is required in exam #200-120 of Cisco. On the other hand, the passing marks in the exams ICND1 #100-101 and ICND2 #200-101 can also give the advantage to the individual giving the Cisco exams.

Most Popular Questions Type of CCNA Subnetting

University B has been allocating an IP address of University C has been allocated an Ip address of Both B and C are connected through a single cable. If Ping between hosts are fail, what to do for linking between them?

  1. Use Crossover cable rater than single line
  2. Subnet Mask of host to /25
  3. Change the course of both noted end of universities

Answer (1, 2) These exams have essential significance in the CCNA qualification. Successfully passing the first exam, ICND1, gives CCENT Certification to the individual. This stands for Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician. The individual who has passed the exams also receives the qualification certificates and the report entailing the exams scores. Cisco has the policy of not publicly publishing the exam scores.

The pattern of these exams carries different questioning techniques. MCQs, matching the correct answers, dragging and dropping, short-answers, testlets, and replication-models types of questions are often asked in these exams. Common CCNA IPV6 Exam Questions Many sites listed according to real exam scenario, these questions you can view in mostly exam.

CCNA 640-802 Subnetting, VLSM, and IPv6 Exam Questions

“What is the IPv6 loopback address?”

“global unicast address?”

“Which routing protocol uses multicast address FF02::5?”

The CCNA exam 200-120 is a very comprehensive exam which has questions testing the level of understanding of key concepts related to installing, functioning, and troubleshooting a middle-sized business related branching network.

The exam also has questions of other topics such as WAN, Network security, Network media, IOS, Routing, IP’s, Internet protocols and other various topics. CCNA subnetting exam questions although not up-to-date but you got idea about real exam scenario after viewing it.


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