The certification under discussion today is known as CCNA, Cisco Certified Networking Associate and other Cisco Certification CCNP and CCIE about 2014 updates and exam criteria. Make sure you are up-to-date with latest criteria of exam. Here are few retired exam, which must acknowledge every Cisco professional.

CCNA Certification

This is the initial level certification for a networking expert and it consists of few tutorials and bugs regarding the expertise and techniques of networking. A man with CCNA certification in hand is fairly capable of doing networking physically and can handle all the technicalities in this process.

Why to do this Networking Certification?

You can easily hold on a respectable job of networking assistant and networking specialist at an organization, where having the certification of CCNA 640-802, you are completely in-sync with the structure, bases, plan and problems of networking. This certification has a broader scope in almost of every country of the world as there are networking requirements in almost every organization and even in government sector and corporate sector of each country.

Cisco certification

Cisco Retired Certification Exam Overview

This certification consists of multiple exams which are short length and understanding based exams for which you can consult the tutorial sheets and coaching classes, where you actually learn the practical work of assembling a networking structure. CCNA enables you to defy and diagnose the problem in the local and wide area networks, resolving the software problems and understanding the frame of a network.

cisco retired exam

CCNA is the initial stage of IT learning which is right in accounts with the technology and development lessons of Cisco Corporation and these certifications are of great worth for both your professional resumes and professional learning when you are keen in IT education.


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