Once you have made a detailed spreadsheet filled with excel data charts, you can easily manage exporting this into MS word file in the form of images. There are residual options in MS office suit where conducting a detailed task on one tool can help you exporting the entire work into another mode easily by following a procedural stage.

This is required sometimes where the mode of presentation is required in another field and the actual work has to be paced up on another tool. Distinguishing between the field case enormities, there are productive methods to export Excel data charts into word files with getting complexities on way. Following the simple steps and instructions regarding various options, you can easily do this task.

Excel Chart into Word FIleExcel Chart into Word FIle

Excel Data Charts Configure the Statistics

What basically is the purpose of excel data charts is to configure the given statistical data into shaped and configured orientation to represent a cleaner and more understandable picture in order to propel the righteous form of information. Using any relevant feature and tool, data charts, bar charts and much more, you can arrange your data in an ordered form for better and comprehensive result making.

These charts are embedded with formulations and configurations which help you rapidly managing your data into organized reports and charts with demographical presentation to make a smoother and more obvious depiction. Excel charts are usually designed and customize as per the requirement and they can be further objected to desired format into other Office suit tools with handy settings and selections. Below here is the tutorial given for converting these files into images and then dragging into word.

Convert Charts into Word Image Files

For vital demonstrations and formal documentation requirements, you can convert all files easily. There are simple and easy steps which you can learn and do this task within minutes and prepare a read-only format of excel charts with MS Word file. Below here are the steps described;

  • Copy the chart file and open the MS word file
  • Find the paste button on the top left corner and click it
  • From the drop down, select the most appropriate mode of extended paste
  • The most reasonable and appropriate mode is posting the chart as picture
  • If the image size goes inappropriate, you can adjust it according to you requirement like a casual image settings
  • Incase this method goes under-condition; you can past this chart as formatted from MS Paint. Copy and paste the chart into paint and convert as JPNG format of image.

For more detail review a online discussion on Microsoft Forum about Converting Data.

Learn Accessible Work Modes to Convert Excel Chart into Word Files

As we all know that MS Office spreadsheet is a powerful tool for featured data configuration and you can use it for certain purposes where statistical assessments are required. You can learn through this tutorial some applicable and easy methods to convert files.

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