Download Employee Vacation tracking template in excel reporting format. In this post i will discuss how you can create employee vacation template?

You can create this document very easily in MS Excel format. All you would be required is to open an MS Excel worksheet, change its name as “Employee Vacation Document”, save it, and then you will have to make certain changes in the worksheet.

Checklist for Employee Vacation Tracking Template

In this regard, the first column will be the serial number, the second will enlist the names of employees, the third will include the department name in which a respective employee is working, the fourth will contain the number of leaves an employee can take i.e.


The leaves that your organization is offering to the employee, the fifth will include the number of vacations requested by the employee, and the next column will then include the number of leaves done by the employees. The last column can include the status i.e. if the leaves were approved or not, or you can add the number of approved leaves in this column, and the number of unapproved leaves in the next column, respectively.

  • Daily Base Reporting Scheduling
  • Easy to Manage Employee Bio-DATA in Just one click
  • Base on Employee Bonus and other advantages
  • Manage Employee Leave Record

Human Resource Management and Employees Reporting

Employee Vacation Document will make your Human Resource Management more professional and more disciplined. It will make your organization strictly managed as well as highly disciplined. In addition, it will also make your employees regular and punctual in your organization and they would also do not make extra leaves from the office.

This will also help you to regulate the work in your organization and will also increase the work-efficiency of your organization. Therefore, such a tool would help your organization in an effective manner.

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