Here you can use excel template for to-do list management of your project related tasks and other planning. A manager must deal with some issues daily basis regarding better controlling and HR activities. You can add as many tasks in the list as you want and can use the Auto Sort option to make changes in the details of any task you mentioned in the list. An Excel to Do List is easily printable and can be formatted in any style.

Before going towards action plan template you need this to make sure list update with

To Do List for Team Project Planning in Excel Template

You can use this list for assigning responsibilities and duties to your group members or team members in any of your group project or team assignment. You can add the names of your team members by making different sections in the list and assigning each section to each of your team member.

Daily To Do List Template

It will highlight the individual responsibilities of your group members to accomplish the goals of your group project. Moreover, your group will be able to complete the project ahead of the deadline as each group member will know the responsibilities of each team member and will keep track of the duties if you make the To Do list publicly visible to them. Hence, it will make your team members organized and well-directed towards completing their tasks.

Features of a To Do List:

  • It looks like as an Excel spreadsheet and has columns in it. You can also add and delete rows and columns.
  • Its design is customizable and editable.
  • Many of its versions contain a drop down list too.
  • It can be used for any group project, organizational tasks, or as a daily expense report, etc.

To do list excel template is very effective and well organized manner of project planning, so before planning any project make sure you have pre-planned approach with to-do list tool.

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