In order to keep a precise hit over annual financial record, employee payroll record is one of the most important elements included in these evaluations. There are exclusively created Excel payroll tracker templates which assist fiancé departments and accounting agents of the companies to maintain progressive and updated record of amounts to be paid to employees against their services, amount being paid, due balances, bonuses and deductions underlying for each individual employee.

At small offices, there might not be complex systems required but in large organizations where hundreds and thousands of employees are hired, a systematic record keeping platform is most required thing.

Format of Payroll Tracker Template Excel

After the implementation of MS Excel for accounting and evaluative record keeping purposes, most companies prefer creating customize templates for different purposes. One such type is employee leave record tracker. This template contains the list of all employees of the company working under different departments and might be classified on the basis of categories and classes based on salary plan.

Employee Payroll Template

Once you classify your employees, you can list them, add a section of their monthly salary, add payroll calculator after applied taxes and deductions and including earned bonuses. All these features are available in Excel templates which avoid much of your time consumption and let you generate more accurate and precise form of record than any other means. Here are some of the salient aspects regarding its format;

  • Company name on the main title position with a sub heading stating the purpose of spreadsheet
  • List down all your employee randomly or by categories in the range of cells
  • For each category, draw a corresponding column stating monthly salary
  • Add a column stating component details of salary including hourly wage, served hours, over time, applied taxes and any imposed deductions
  • Using appropriate functions of Excel, calculate the sum of these amounts and get a total
  • For extensive record keeping purpose, you can add scrollable lists to each employee’s cell containing the list of previous transactions and their dates

These are few elementary factors that are important for any respective form of templates for professional purposes.

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