erp solutionJob costing is further based on the integrated sections which includes varied costs including the per unit or per batch cost of raw materials, labor rates and other taxes and factors which bring the additional cost to it.

Now typing the factors of cost and summing the resultant values is a bit complex and slow by procedure job which intimates least efficient policy these days. Therefore in the modern age of computerization and digitalization, everything is preferred formatting through computer excel software applications which are précised, accurate and faster than human mind.

Costing With Digital Sources Not Only Saves Times but Also Provide More Precise Costing Activity

These technologies grow more efficient degrees of calculations to enhance the sole procedure of costing and evading out any factor which incurs unnecessary burden on the job line. Following this case, there are customized job costing templates which carry the basic costing formulas and different sections based on the costing factors.

Each section is fed with the diligent amount and deploying the final formula, the result cost with its pros and cones are mention below which may aware the concerned body to avoid any unusual circumstances.

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