Dashboard is practiced in product orientated business as well as contact centers. Its spreadsheet can be created in Microsoft excel. Executive template designed for specific project helps in providing an overview of the project. Collective intelligence of project team and manager ensure clarity of project goals which can then be carried out more comfortably.

Project management process carried out in firms ensures flexibility among workforce as well as enhances effectiveness of work processes as skilled labor is chosen for the job. Check out Project portfolio dashboard template in XLX format.

Dashboard is used by project managers who are expert and professional in project management.

Format of Executive Dashboard Spreadsheet Template Excel

Dashboard template created in Microsoft excels shows relevant and precise information regarding a project through pie chart and table.

Project manager can view the happening in project through viewing dashboard therefore it is medium providing information to project manager.

Dashboard Spreadsheet Template Excel

Overview about the Dashboard Process

  • One of the operations mostly followed by project managers is to keep track of the project.
  • To effectively track activities as well as work force dashboards are helpful as they show what’s going on in the project.
  • It shows the exact happening in the specific project.

Used Project Dashboard in call center

  • A call center is based on number of sales made in a day.
  • A dashboard is very useful in call center industry as it shows the performance of individual agent in the office.
  • Total number of sales as well as call backs can be viewed.
  • For financial review, must consider financial dashboard template.

Aids in decision making

  • Decisions made on most updated information are more productive.
  • Resources which are available as they are not in use can be distributed more effectively.
  • It helps in preventing situation when a stress occurs due to increase work load.

In a call center it shows the number of sales made by particular agent therefore work performance of employer can be detected. More profit making opportunities for business can then be highlighted.