Here is some open source web based project management application or smart app in 2013 for project manager, Download free latest software trends and tool for project planning, dashboard tracking and other project monitoring online application

These smart phones can be used as a major open-source of working for project management and they can assist you in achieving your goals. By using some of the smartly fabricated applications and expert idea which are derived through these applications, project managers can really count on the assistance from these applications.  Below are some of the highly recommended and commonly used smart phone applications for android which have played a vital role in perfect working so far.

Apps for Project Management

Review Popular Open Source project Management Apps

Here are below some widely range used application in 2013, there are many other like Google Docs, BaseCamp, Google Spreadsheet, TrainingAble, and other Google technology for Android and IOS users compatible foe not only Windows 8 but also Mac system.

1-      Smart Sheet      

Smart sheet is a smart application with an online mode of spread sheet and it helps you to classify the project into multiple integrated sections and also assist you in managing each section categorically so that you can customize the project in a very comfortable mode that suits you. It comes with lot collaborators as well. It’s also called web-based software for project management.

2-      GQueues

Nothing best can be planned with this application if you know that right use of it being a project manager. It helps you in scheduling and assigning tasks to the subordinates. It helps you to stay aware of various duties and tasks in the project and help you to manage the workload with online database assistance.

3-      Wrike  

After assigning the planned work to each employee in the business, a project manager need to perform the control operation as well which is quite necessary for the proper check and employee’s efficiency. Wrike is a great open source application that categorically manages the track record of every employee and their assigned tasks. It helps the manager to keep a check on the performance and task accomplishment via smart phone.

4-      Tasks

Tasks is the smart notepad application that offers multiple formats of noting down the tasks and keeping the sectional records of the project in different classes. This app helps the busy project manager to save the noted tasks and then it automatically adds the tasks in the suitable section of project.

Review Top Android Project Management App and Download

Advantages of Open Source Software in Project Planning

There are many other tool like GanttProject, DotPRoject and Achievo widly App range used technology has many advantages regarding monitoring every little task with little of time. Manager don’t have much time to overview briefly every single project, they wants some summarized form of detail like Dashboard tracking spreadsheet or milestone configuring chart or software technology.  These tools are sophisticated and cutting edge is indisputable, that’s why you can found these on in many major companies Software houses.

So after overview these popular open source apps for project management you will be able to plan your future task accordingly. These technologies are deliverable adaptive and user friendly, just a little bit technical training required to understanding everything about it.

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