Graduate Record Examinations or GRE is an exam held in order to check the competency prior to granting admission in Master degree. Review GRE certification Exam pattern and schedule of 2014 also 2013 previous practice questions samples for preparing real exam.

The test comprises of different subjects for instance, Science subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, and Literature subjects like English (Verbal). The test related to the branches like Biochemistry, Molecular Biology etc of these subjects are also held and are optional.

GRE Practice Questions Criteria

Each test comprises of 170 marks. Also, 170 minutes are given for the completion of each subject exam. Before the year 2000, the tests of social sciences, history, Music and Political Science were also held however they got suspended from then.Review other certification details like SCJP exam.

No test for Computing takes place in the GRE and the student wanting to get admission in Computer Science, Economics, Psychology and other Social Science subjects, has to take the GRE test for the English (Verbal) and basic mathematics.

GRE Exam Requirement for Admission

It is a requirement for admission in most of the international Universities. Especially the countries where the native tongue is English, ask for submitting the score prior to the admission. Before attempting this practice test you will be able to pass in A grade.

This is because GRE is considered to be the most authentic and standardized international test. The academic circles have confidence in GRE and consider this exam as an appropriate tool for assessing the competencies of the students before granting them admission to the degree programs. It measures the aptitudes of the undergraduates.

Not a difficult questions for getting good score, just basic General knowledge and Mathematics questions pasted in sheet.

Gre Questions samples

Passing Marks Required in GRE Exam

A good score in the GRE exam implies greater competency and ability of the undergraduate student in order to grant him admission in the Masters level or higher degree program. Each University and each Department of the University has different standards of passing marks in the GRE exam.

Similarly, each degree program has policy guidelines entailing specific level of score in the GRE to be the requirement for admission in the program. In this regard, the degree programs of Liberal Arts give more preferences to a high Verbal (English) score in the GRE exam. Similarly, the programs of Engineering or science subjects have greater preference for high score in mathematics section of the GRE exam.

GRE Practice Exam Questions Samples

Due to the MCQ’s format of the mathematics and science-subjects section, the candidates often get high marks in this section. In order to get an advantageous-edge, the candidates also have to score high in Verbal section of the GRE exam.

In addition to the score of the GRE exam, the Statement of Purpose, Recommendation letter by the instructors, the Motivation letter by the student also have essential value in admission process. Moreover, the GPA of the student is also important in giving the student an edge over other students in admission process.

Scholarships for students

Some institutes also offer scholarships to the students, owing high scores in GRE, and give them admission in the relevant program.

So after attempting GRE Practice Questions you will be able to get not only scholarship, but also create chances for getting admission to U.K or U.S.A top universities.

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