Stock control means to make sure that you have ample amenities in stock for your customers so that there is no delay in service. Excel Template for management hotel inventory through live dashboard statistics. While making sure that the cost for maintaining the stock is at its minimum. A stock control sheet is a spreadsheet created to keep track of all factors that affect stock control such as inventory, demand etc.

Stock control is a critical part of the hospitality business as you want to make sure that there is enough of everything from food to bed-sheets in stock. If your hotel happens to have its own spa or restaurant, then that adds to the work. So creating or getting a stock control sheet template for your hotel business will be the smartest thing you do.

A stock control sheet is different from your regular inventory sheet because in your inventory you just count what you have, in a stock control sheet, you have to factor in the budget of keeping things in stock.

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Hotel Stock Control Sheet Template

For example; in the hotel kitchen you have five deep freezers reserved for meat and you have to buy meat twice a month. Suddenly the demand for meat grows two fold and your five freezers aren’t enough to hold your required stock. You will have to calculate the pros and cons of buying a new freezer versus restocking the meat every day to maintain the stock.

Buying the new freezer calls for monetary investment and restocking every day requires more manual labor you will be able to make that decision only if you have your allocated budget in view and that’s why you need a stock control sheet and not a simple inventory sheet.

Whether you’re making the template yourself or downloading it off the internet, make sure that it contains the following:

  • Item name
  • Batch number
  • Date of buying batch
  • Expiry date of batch
  • Cost per item
  • Item allocated budget
  • Allocated budget for keeping in inventory
  • Total budget
  • Percentage of total budget being used
  • Items in demand and not in stock
  • Item manufacturer
  • Item description

Excel Stock Inventory Control Template

To create a template:

  • Make a column for each above mentioned variable.
  • Make sure the columns are wide enough to be easily viewed.
  • Choose a discreet background color and a bold contrasting color for the foreground elements, such as column title etc.
  • Customize fonts and add any necessary formulas you wish to use in your template.
  • Save the document and make sure you set the file type to Excel Template. You will find it every time you make a new document in the template library’s “personal” section.

To download template:

  • Perform a google search for free templates or go straight to this link:
  • Download the desired template and view it in “protected view” while trying to understand the given instructions of use.
  • If you’re happy with the template then scan it for viruses using your anti-virus software, I personally prefer Avast.
  • Once you have scanned it for viruses and it proves clean then you can customize the template or if it doesn’t require any customization then begin use straight away.

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I hope this (Hotel Stock Control Sheet Template) was helpful for you and good luck in the hotel business.

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