If the customer is not present at the moment of sale i.e. if the customer has ordered for a product from the internet or via calling and the product has to be sent to the customer, then the shipping in cost is also mentioned on the invoice. However, if the seller is providing free delivery facility, then the shipping cost might not be listed on the invoice.

In this case, the exact address of the customer with Postal Box Number is also mentioned on the invoice. The phone number of the customer is also taken on it. Other details that are required for delivering the product to the customer are also included on it. Usually, the terms and conditions of deliverance of the product are also written on the invoice. In this regard, the seller company can also email the cash invoice receipt to the customer so that the customer may get the full idea of the deliverance of product which he has ordered to the company.

cashImportance of Sales Invoices

For example freight sales invoice have a lot of significance as they serve as legal documented track of sales taken place between the seller and a customer. All necessary details of sales of a product are mentioned on it so that there remains no confusion in the mind of the customer for acquiring the product. The terms and conditions are important to be mentioned in this regard.

Sample Sales Invoice Templates

The samples are available on the internet on different websites. You can review them and can either download them or can make a new one for sales taking place at your super store.