In 2003 version of excel Microsoft invent the trick of converting excel data into XML file format for further using in Word or other editable file format. This trick is very popular in other Microsoft 2007 and 2010 version. Also for store XML and easily re-purpose the data. Make sure these XML importer trick is only available for Excel Enterprises and Professional edition. There are many old excel version user, who already upgrade to retail box version for this advantages. Here is some Coding XML example for understanding the inside.

Example of Converting Excel Data in to XML file

For example you are preparing the sheet of excel for Restaurant Expense budget and further this data use in Word document for project planning and other methodological work.

<Today Expense Budget Worksheet>

<Expense Vs Profile>

<Customer> ABC CO</customer>

<Sales of Rooms> 123</Sales of Rooms>

</today Expense Budget Worksheet>

How to Save Excel File as XML Format?

It’s very simple, after working in excel sheet just Press “CTRL + S” or simple click the secondary tab and look Save option.

For Example you want to save your file in particular name like “Project Management” so for saving in XML format you must edit “project-Management.xml” as XML extension. It’s pretty long discussion for XML converting in other formats like Word and PDF. For Stay update for more excel tips and tricks connect with Blog.

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