Use of technology is continuously increasing in different businesses as well as teaching institutions day by day to make complicated profession easy and to improve performance of teachers and students in the classroom.

It is not easy to deal with multiple responsibilities at same time therefore a help in form of software is acceptable for teachers by mostly institutions.

Useful of excel cannot be denied by any business owner or any excel user due to various types of templates available in Microsoft excel for different purposes for different jobs. Templates for teachers are specifically designed spreadsheets for teachers to make them well aware of the needs of today’s world.

Grade book template

  • In range of various templates available in excel one is grade book template for teachers as it is basically need of every teacher.
  • Grades are awarded to students at the end of examination process and test sessions.
  • It is also need for awarding grades to students regarding their project.
  • The template is convenient as it turns the marks into grades.
  • It helps in quickly monitoring grades gained by students.

Lesson plan template

Effective planning is required to complete syllabus in given span of time. A plan book template is therefore useful as teachers can outline topics and content of topics. The topics completed in class can be colored to highlight topics which are left. It can be easily updated and modified as the choice of teacher.

Class attendance template

A teacher want to monitor the behavior of students in class as well as towards learning and attending school therefore a template is provided in excel for this purpose. It can be in form of monthly attendance sheet or annual attendance sheet. It is also useful in parents teaching meeting as teachers can discuss the student’s attendance problems with their parents and guardian’s.

Monthly Report Template

Other templates might include behavior reward chart and school calendar collection. Daily activity template for classrooms is also available which shows daily tasks given to students.

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