Now mostly organization thinking about PMP VS. Prince2 training regarding upgrading business perspective. Management and their employee’s up-to-date is very effective for business success. Prince2 although an advance certification for maintain controlled environment, but why still mostly Project manager wants to learn and stay up-to-date with PMP certification, which officially conducted by PMI at different places of the world.

Basically mostly people demand PMP training due to basic to advance business tactics features as well as you can learn how to schedule multiple projects? Employee’s management software and many more advance software, which is most, demanded for nowadays project managers.

 Prince2 Methodology

This method or business technology leads you from initial level to advance level with some highly skilled business programming efforts. But again you must need to learn about basics of Project management before learning about the basic concept of Prince2 training.

  • Define Team allocation according to delivered project action
  • Cost, timescale and other particular project base plan
  • Decommissioning a project, Identify Risk mitigation, identifying follow-on actions


Its deliverable structure make easy everything for user, but still question arises in mind that, why PMP still on top and most demanded business application?

What about PMP?

Due to its basic 4 golden role (Initiating, Planning, Execution, Controlling), PMP is the top level training program for businesses. Other studies although one step ahead, but you must have to grip on PMP basic for understanding other applications.

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