For smoothly managing the billing operations at Medical office, there are marginally created visit receipt templates which help in quicker and instant billing of patient for availed services. These templates are automated and are fed with instructed cost for individual doctor and treatment. When a patient comes to cash counter, checking his prescription and visit details, cashier has to sum up the entire relevant cost and generate a computerized bill on the official letter head or slip.

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For a successfully running medical center, deployment of medical visit receipt template is very important as hundreds of patients visit daily and there is no enough time to write each bill by hand or separately on computer. Instead of wasting time in writing similar and identical things multiple times a day, readily set templates with all existing options can help you saving both your time and mental energy. You just need to mark the relevant options and their total cost will be added instantly, providing you a right and precise bill without any calculation mistakes.

Format of Medical Office Visit Receipt

Every different clinic or hospital can has its own customize format depending upon their services and criteria for billing. In some public hospitals, a general slip is issued for all kinds of treatments. In some hospitals, patients are issued with a computerized bill containing the package of services they availed mentioning both individual cost and total bill in the same place. After all these primary details, here we have a generalized format of receipt;

  • This receipt should contain the name of medical center on the top ensuring as genuine letter head
  • After this, details of patient like his name, age, weight, blood pressure value, his contact number and house address should be mentioned
  • Third step is to write the treatment details and description of existing disease or problem
  • After that, suggested or provided treatment and provisional doctor’s name should be written who provided these services
  • Then is the section for billing details in which all kinds of doctor charges, cost of any medical test or medicine given from the pharmacy should be added
  • Then is the section of stamp and signature from cashier, ensuring that the receipt is original

Excel Spreadsheet for Managing Billing Template

Use of modern documentation means has become so common that no professional working occurs without it these days. Same goes for Ms excel tool, which are commonly used by all kinds of visiting centers and companies in which billing process is automated. These templates are created on Excel spreadsheet, using formulas and functions of Excel which helps in quick and instant billing.

Once you line up all available services and facilities in a column with their individual cost using the costing function of Excel, you don’t need to write every such thing by hand. Just write personal details of the patient, click relevant options of treatment or services and their total cost will be summed up as bill. Take out the print and generate this bill to your patient.

 Get Free Medical Center Visit Receipt Templates

While creating any such Excel templates, based on the complexities of your operations, you need to know proper format setting and function of Excel to generate desired outcome.

Therefore rather than exploring everything yourself, you can get Free tool which save your time and give you a starting idea about the outlook of such documents. You can customize them and use them for your personalize purposes.

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