The investors of Microsoft has lobbied that the co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates should step down as Chairman of the Corporation. The top three of the twenty investors were at the forefront in lobbying this proposal. Bill gates co-founded Microsoft Corporation thirty eight years ago.

Microsoft’s last CEO Steve Ballmer has also been under pressure from the investors. Ballmer has left the company a few days back and he was emotional in his farewell speech as well. However, Mr. Gates has never been under such pressure since the foundation of the corporation. This is the first time that the investors are pressurizing him as well. Mr. Gates is the largest shareholder of the corporation and own 4.5 percent of the company. On the other hand, the three of the top 20 investors of the corporation own more than 5 percent of the corporation shares.


These investors are at the forefront in lobbying against Bill Gates. According to them, Bill Gates role as the Chairman hinders some important decisions. They ascribe that his chairmanship is causing obstruction in implementation of various beneficial strategies for the corporation. However, there is no surety that Microsoft Board will adhere to the decision of the investors against Bill Gates but this is clear that this lobbying is pressurizing Mr. Bill Gates.


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