The Corporate vice President of Microsoft Corporation, Harrison, stated in a conference that Microsoft Corporation is looking forward to collaborate with the Valve Corporation in the near future. He further exclaimed that Microsoft Corporation is very keen in doing so, and is analyzing the forecast for this possible collaboration. Harrison, the vice president of Microsoft Corporation, is operating the Microsoft London studio. Previously, Harrison was an important part of the Sony PlayStation projects.

His announcement about the Valve Corporation is due to the recent steps taken by the Valve Corporation. Valve is working on the projects about Steam-OS, Steam Machines, and a new game controller. Valve is an American company which develops video games and digital distributions. The company was founded in 1996 by former Microsoft employees Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington. Since its foundations, Valve Corporation has developed various video-games which have been acclaimed well at the international level. Valve has expanded in scope and commercial value since its foundation.

Phil Harrison

Harrison commented about Valve that it is an impressive company and Microsoft is very keen in watching Valve’s future projects. He said this in an interview to ‘Eurogamer’. He further explained that Xbox One is the best manifestation of the corporation’s achievements, however there is also a good competition in the market and other companies are also working competently in this regard.

Source:- EuroGamer

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