Recently Microsoft announced some updating in various server and windows related certification exam, Windows server related exam like 70-410, 70-411 and other 40th series update with R2 content. On the other side windows 8 certification exam like 70-688 and others update with particular 8.1 content. This is very important for those who are preparing for these exam, either you are attached with some training institute or depends on self-study, you must be aware of these changing.

Remember in mid of 2014 some big amendments are possible in various server or windows related exam, most importantly in MCSE and other cloud certification.

In these days Microsoft are continuously press the trigger of some common certification according to latest technology.  If you are thinking to start this certification, so wait before mod of year 2014. Already registered member get notice about these changing in particular exam.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Overview

Windows server 2012 R2 comes with some latest infrastructure and networking changing in existing system. Help to increase agility and utilization more easy and comfort. Another perspective of these changing is to control the networking load either in local area or big cities interlinking connections.

Windows 8.1 Preview

As previous you know some certification exam amends with 8.1 content, so what is it and how will be affected in existing infrastructure? Users will feel more comfortable during using navigation through mouse and keyboard in laptops. Windows 8.1 content more focuses to desktop infrastructure and rapidly changing technology in Ipad and other windows related smart devices.

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