It becomes sometimes difficult to select a tech smart device when you are standing in a tech rich market in the existence of many tech gadgets round you; if you select one of them, then you must have a good rationale for selecting that tech gadget.

Recently, SP3 has been introduced which have exceptional features that run faster and better than a laptop. Its features can assist you in financial transactions and in many other business operations. All Windows formats can be installed and run smoothly in Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Communication Tool Enhancement

Microsoft has amazing adaptability with Surface Pro 3. The PowerPoint, Word, and above all, Microsoft Excel works exceptionally well in it. Actually, the SP3 is entirely run on Microsoft Office: Microsoft Windows as its operating system, Microsoft Office Outlook as its communication tool and Microsoft Office functions as its essential tools.


Benefits for Excel Regular Users

It is noticeable that the SP3 is very useful for the Excel users because it provides a lot of shortcuts to the Excel users for performing their tasks. As the Surface Pro 3 entirely runs on Windows Operating System; therefore, using Excel is additionally convenient on it.

Other programs like Adobe, Avid, Office Suite, etc. have also been made available in Surface Pro 3 and all these programs run very smoothly in it. You can perform several tasks on this tech gadget. For convenience of its users, it also has a pen, eraser and a select tool for selecting the programs to run.

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