Microsoft has introduced a new Surface Pro 2 style through which it is expected that Microsoft will dominate the tablet market. This can bring a replacement for PC market. The next phase of Surface would be just a tablet. However, pairing this tablet looking device with its Power Cover would give it a look of a notebook PC. The time when it would be docked in Surface 2 Docking Station, it would instantly appear as an alteration for a Desktop Computer.

A Microsoft spokesperson informed that their vision was to make a Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 as this would introduce a new version of tablets in the technological world. Manufacturing of such tablets would be an amazing innovation. This tablet would work faster than a laptop or desktop computer and it would be easier to carry it from one place to another.

Microsoft's Surface strategy: Handy project Management Tool

According to sources, Microsoft has launched this product and has upgraded it with Intel’s fourth-generation Core (Haswell) chip. It would increase the performance level of the computer by nine percent. The Executive of the Microsoft Corporation has said that Surface Pro 2 would be a new powerful invention for making the results of laptops better. The price of Surface 2 is $449, $50 less than its predecessor.

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