Gantt is the most useful project management tool, many sites are creating different sort for attracting various clients, so in this post I will discuss what is milestone GC and the benefits of it.

What is Milestone? How you can describe the task has been completed? Phase 1 completed or any other major project completed? Milestone is the way which you can utilized to tell visually other about completion of any particular task or project phase individually or separately within combined project.

Advantages of Milestone Gantt chart

You must required a feature which you can mark any task according to its nature, either it‘s pending or completed. Without adding milestone your targeted audience (investor, CBOD, operation managers) could be confused regarding any project.

It’s also used for finalizing any documentation, before starting project related documentation it’s very important to described different areas of project. So use of milestone GC you can easily perform documentation.

Milestone Gantt chart Templates for Project Managers

For examples you got a project relates to web-site designing, so after completion of CSS you have to mention in your client share documentation on online spreadsheet. Your next task is to adding some J-query or Java scripting, so how do you separate between it. Milestone is the great way for describing completion of tasks with success rate in % with Gantt chart.

This could be in any shape, some kind of rectangle shape or cubic shape, some companies required to adding their logo that representing milestone.

There are many sites offering different kind of excel templates, in various milestone designs. You can also upload milestone image in it. already discuss how to create a Gantt chart excel templates easily, so after reviewing this post you have no problem regarding creating it manually.

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