Mr. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation has given his farewell speech last day. His farewell speech ceremony was carried out as a response to his announcement that he made in August last year of stepping down as CEO of the company. Mr. Ballmer gave an emotional speech which longed for an hour in his farewell ceremony.

Now Mr. Thompson, the independent director of Microsoft, is heading the committee which would decide the name of the new Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation. Mr. Thomson said that the decision would be solely made by the committee and no outside interruption would be accepted.


Currently, the CEO of Ford Company, Alan Mulally, is expected to be the leading candidate for the post because Ford and Microsoft have been business partners for quite a long period. Mr. Ballmer’s father was also the executive of Ford. Mr. Tony Bates, the former Skype Chairman and Business Development Chief of Microsoft, is also a strong candidate. Speculations are also considering Mr. Steven Elop, former CEO of Nokia Company, in the run.

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