Living in NYC and experience tough routine life due to hidden expenditure? You have not Master plan of daily expenditure or even monthly. Everybody especially living in high standard area (LA, CA, and Las Vegas) must prepare plan and capacity to save money in each month in a calculated way. This template of excel describe you exactly how to control family budget under your define limit.

You can keep away from extra or hidden charges imposed forcefully or not, but you must prepare for that with some sort of perfect planning. In this Template you can calculate Total income with projected and actual based on difference. So this way could be best possible way to roll out easily in narrow hole. With get ready of plan properly.

Excel Spreadsheet Template

Monthly Expense Budget Plan for NYC citizen


  • Wages and Tips
  • Interest Income
  • Dividends
  • Refund Reimbursements
  • Transfer from Saving
  • Other

Home Expenses

Mortgage Rent Home/Rental Electricity Bill Gas/Oil Phone Bill
Water/Sewer/Trash Phone Bill Internet Charges Lawn/Garden Cable/Satellite Improvements
Furniture Repair Things Other Salaries Maintenance


Beside these all issues other miscellaneous expenses like Vehicle payment, Auto Insurance, Fueling, Bus Fare, Repair and registration Licensing fee are being address occasionally. So organize a well define plan for collecting these problems exact in a box, otherwise you life remain stressful.

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