Open source applications are the highly integrated and commandant application with much strong resource feedback and greater demand in the project management which bring their excellence to the camp of being open source. Now they might be open sourced with their code for private altercations depending upon the working of a company or development group, or they might be open source for tools abridgment. In product development and designing, open source refers to as the open end alterable and iterative module with code planning and sequence out to open end.

Those seeking any moderate or entirely reformation of the product with a complete different and handier plan can adjust those changes and reprint the product module in the market. Similar attire goes for PMA which are kept open source and developers of project management tools can deliver more active formation of code and features to respire the working in the market, based upon the current and especially local needs.

Open Source Project Management Apps

There are various companies and developmental groups providing open source facilities for project management. Predating to the timely development and revolution in IT industry, there are thousands of minds working similar ideas. Instead of bearing the costs of personalized iterations and delivering the command on larger circle, open source methodology work well. With a parent tag on the base line development front, companies announce the free framework to reproduce the desired segments and then issuing the collaborative module which may work in accordance to personalize requirements.

In PM, hundreds of different applications are working on this module of development where based on the requirements of larger corporate groups, these applications are tentatively alter to meet their customize requirements. Other supportive argument for stating the working of OSPM is tagline which comparative sharing of information not only with project mangers but with the entire team making it wider for understanding and mutual collaboration.

Commonly Known and Operational Applications

Here we have given a look at various popular open source apps for this very purpose; which retain the purpose of information sharing and plan customization to the entire team working on a project. Let’s count them;


This tool is one such comprehensive tool, though not the best one but it gives plenty of options to operate. Using red-mine, not only project managers but all the team members can explore desired results. It provides a mutually collaborated tool access to members, where they can also find impulsive issues using the issue tracking feature

Bonus Tools

From Agilfant developers, Bonus tools is a completely free and personal open sourced project management tool which offers various features of management with sharp degree of precision

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 is one superb open source tool to conduct precise and ventilated project management with central access to any end of the team. Any member can operate the similar working tools to achieve the handsome outcomes


LibrePlan converges project modulation as per the requirements and features many useful tools such as Gantt, proximity charts, financial planners and much, despite the fact that it is a web based open source tool.

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