Online apps for different purpose like project tracking and management for project managers and project leaders are available here. Project budgeting and proposal apps are also searched here by users. Business resource planning tool also help project manager regarding nature of task.

Forecasting decisions based on realistic data collected from departments involved in specific project are more precise and relevant. Online availability of the information related to project helps in quick decisions made by project head as they can always stay in touch with the project predicting its future.

Time management is a problem especially if a company is handling same sort of projects at a time and resources required to complete them are also the same. It requires more resource and time management to keep the trouble causing situations away from the project. It prevents over budgeting.

Project Bubble

  • It is an online app therefore tracking project anytime is possible.
  • Timely decisions can be made.
  • Operations accomplished and tasks in the queue can be observed quickly.
  • Snapshot of the resources required can be made therefore making aware the management about it.
  • Operations which are dependent and independent can be seen therefore dependent operations can be deal more efficiently.
  • Making schedule for all the tasks and operations is more easy and realistic.
  • Project managers can carry out their duty easily and efficiently.

Project Manager App

5pm (Tracking Project Analytical Tool)

Aggregate planning is less complicated in all the businesses and healthcare institutions who have adopted this app for project tracking. Information collected and provided to managers is specific as evidence like notes and documents confirming is added. Major aspect of project tracking is to observe whether the working is according to the budget or whether it is slow.

Complicated process of estimation is also easier as calculations can be done timely and quickly. Auto calculation can be selected which calculate the costs for the project manager so that he can provide the estimated expense to the senior management for approval.

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