In this post I will discuss about progress tracking tool in excel format, now you can easily edit employee sheet via spreadsheet or just Microsoft template of milestone. Project assessment and evaluations part a lot in keeping the organized check and balanced operation pathway as it instantly derives the mistaken conducts and wrong set of actions as a severe threat to the project identity.

Project management is all about assigning the right task to the right person and then getting the right outcome by evaluating the performance and telling the strict working guideline to enhance the efficiency of operations.You can also review these employee record template before getting this one.

In the large organizations, project quality and comprehensive resource utilization is meant as the company repute and nothing matters in case of repute because in this age of tough competition, only the good will is a distinguish morality in a brand’s name.

How Evaluation Project Manager to Fix Error?

Therefore consistent progress tracking is very important and for this sake, managers and supervisors who owe the responsibility o keeping a check and evaluating the work may use various kinds of technologies and tools to keep a precise eye and getting the accurate evaluations so that fair working could be assured.

In such case, MS Excel, a large and accumulative tool which carries hundreds of different features, well capable of calculating and computing certain assessment points, is used in most of the middle and small scale industries and organization where no complex working holds. This application is smart enough to monitor and track the progress on project, using different kinds of templates and parameters of calculations.

Milestone Progress Tracking Template

It is one such useful evaluation template which holds the major targets of the project completion and highlights certain milestones of project which are considered as fractional units towards the project completion. These templates are based on the categories and activity sections along with their progress index in highlighted terms that deliberately shows how proactively the working is being done on any specific section and what exactly the efficiency of working is.

Similarly this for excel are the formulated templates which are powered for certain complex evaluations towards progress tracking and milestone achievement in smooth project working. These sheets contain majorly dominating sections of projects and on the completion of each integrated unit of project, a milestone activity is assessed thoroughly to evaluate the motion of working and output accuracy of the teams. This certainly draws conclusions about the success of deployed policies and principals being followed at the working site.

Now after getting tool you can manage your staff’s record more easily than ever, this Milestone Progress Tracking Template could be beneficial for you regarding data management or other issues within department.

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