Project can be described as a specific goal or task given to company from other business. Leave in simpler words is quitting something before finishing it. Leave Register or template is content in recorded form on computer.

Project leave template is described as quitting a project by an organization without completing it or without finishing the objective of project. The dates and other record can be stored in computer relating to specific project.

Reasons of Project Leave Register Template Design

  • Before proposing for a specific project or start working on it the company or project manager should have clear understanding of project.
  • Sometimes quantity is more preferred over quality by person offering project therefore a clear goal of project is needed before starting it.
  • Estimate of resources is not done before project.
  • For a project specific labor time, raw material and enough machine hours should be available for completing it, therefore in case of non availability project is terminated.
  • For specific projects some expertise persons must be needed.
  • They should be made available before starting a project otherwise in case of non availability later can result in project termination.
  • Sometimes due to ignorance proper cost incurred in project is not calculated exactly and later more expense than profit is noticed at that point companies leave the projects.
  • Sometime due to poor planning project gets out of control that is when many factors are ignored in beginning. Project manager may found poor output quality of products and low profits therefore project gets out of control.Employee Leave Record Template Excel


Microsoft excel template as project leave register

Proper records of company projects should be maintained to clearly check out on-going projects and terminated projects. Microsoft templates are best choice as ranked by most industries.

The basic template should include companies name, project title and reason of leaving it. It should also show level of completion and cost incurred therefore helps in calculation loss of business.

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