We all know that project scheduling and planning both are the important and preliminary requirements even before the execution. Therefore in this era of smart work, everyone requires assistance of digital means to help completing extensive planning and scheduling in less time.

Gantt chart, with all appropriate aspects of assessments, is a type of chart developed by Henry Gantt back in 1910. Due to eminent proficiency of its pattern and format, this methodology still implies to all kind of project planning whether industrial, commercial or domestic. Some of the critical explanations of this chart are enlisted below;

  • Instant report of total task duration
  • It consolidates all the overlapping sections and gives a true effective schedule
  • Helps estimating the segmented intervals
  • Helps in quick planning and task distribution
  • With apparel outcomes of Gantt chart Milestone, a project manager can elaborate the description of work over the real time calendar

Excel has the ability to intelligently resume the delayed processes by manipulating the information and outsources a complete plan with featured economical steps.

Excel Gantt Chart

Creation and Format in Excel

As long as the question of excel chart format is concerned, for every different arena of work, there are different procedures and functions of excel. In this particular case, you can follow the easy steps below to understand the format and creation of Gantt chart in excel.

  • Open a spreadsheet of excel and draw a table as per your requirements. Enlist all the task in one column and in the very next, mention the starting date of each task
  • Draw another column and write the required time for each task
  • In the end, place the ending dates of all the tasks
  • Then create a bar chart from the tool bar, click on ‘inset’ and select the flat stacked bar chart
  • Click on this empty chart and then right click and select the option of ‘select data’. A window will open for data input source
  • From the window, press add button under legend entries and form the fields you have to show in the chart and then select the cell which reads that series
  • Click the icon with red arrow and in the new edit series. Drag and select the first start date, similarly perform this action for the relevant fields. After the entry of start date, this field will close by pressing ok
  • Repeat this step for all the fields of chart by selecting the option of select data

This easy tutorial contains the beginning and initial procedure to procure your data in simplified form.

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