In routine life, there are proper ways to document payments and cash received against anything. Rent receipt is usually issued on the payment of rent for any services or property acquired. There are exclusively designed Excel receipt templates that help you getting everything record on the spreadsheet in a proper format with all subsequent elements of payments details. Using these templates, a person continuously documenting the entries can single handily control bulk amounts and cash record with such ease of working.

This digital mode of documentation is therefore much preferred these days in all kinds of businesses especially for rental record purpose. Using rent receipt template.

Rent Invoice Consist Of:Rental Invoice Template Excel


  1. Received From:
  2. The amount of $
  3. For Payment of
  4. Total Amount to be Received
  5. Amount Received
  6. Received BY
  7. Name
  8. Address
  9. Phone

You don’t have to write the rent bill manually by hand each time instead you can simple enter the name of payer and their particulars along with the details of property or good being rented out. It hardly takes a couple of seconds rather than filling a complete page with everything repetitively. These templates keep you identical content saved for regular use.

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