MS Excel offers detailed data customization, calculation, and analysis formation facilities to its users regarding restaurant inventory control management. People can use it as an invoice and can record their expenses or earnings in it.

Nonetheless, it is a tech tool serving wide-range projects and financial dealings. Off course, it is also employed in stock and inventory management for keeping a complete record of products of an organization.

How to Use Excel Sheet for Restaurant Stock Maintenance?

Using Excel spreadsheet is very easy. You just need to open the sheet and have to insert your values or data in it. You can also employ different tools of Excel spreadsheet for instance, its formulas like add(number1,number2,…) formula for adding two or more values and similarly the subtraction, multiplication, and other formulas for performing respective mathematical operation on it.

Restaurant Item Enlisted in Each Column

Normally inventory template creates generally with standard item for easy calculation and other. Mostly companies design it according to their project status like;

  • Company Logo Placement
  • Particular Restaurant Item Listing
  • Color and other Tag line

Excel Inventory Control Template


Here I’m going to discuss some universal item information details normally use in generally created inventory template

  • Inventory ID/Part Number
  • Name (hall 1-2)
  • Description
  • Category (Cleanness)
  • Status
  • Area (3000 SQM)
  • Shelf/BIN

Now after product description time to goes towards supplier detail, here are some important column do not to forget.

  • Make/Buy
  • Supplier
  • Supplier Part Number
  • Price
  • Unit
  • Record R Level
  • Reorder QTY

Now finally mentioned date quantity and value for record keeping and other future changing in each product line or supplier description or status.

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