For managing workers, salon work schedule is very important. Using shift schedule template, you can keep a track of duty timings and proper management of workers in peak hours. These templates enable you to quickly list down all your workers at one place and distribute working hours in them according to most feasible and reasonable manner. These templates are based on plain Word docs and don’t take much time besides ordinary handheld scheduling.

You can easily mention the shift timings of each individual worker with clear instructions and head marks regarding punctuality. You can anytime edit this draft and update it with new timings, take new print and post it as a new schedule for you entire saloon. Instead of recreating the draft, this is indeed a smarter approach.

Production Schedule Template


format Production-Schedule-Template
manufacturing schedule template


Format of Salon Work Schedule Template

In most saloons, multiple employees work at different timings to cater maximum customers with energetic work performance. Total workings hours are usually distributed in the forms of shifts so that everyone can take his time and work well to avoid any customer complain. It for sure increases work efficiency besides it created confusion about the tied roaster of workers.

Work Shift Schedule Template

Checklist of Salon Scheduling Template {Employees}

A well planed salon work schedule is quite helpful to categorically mention and distinctly elaborate working hours of individual workers. Here are some salient points regarding the general format of this schedule draft;

  • Write the name of salon on the main title position
  • Write a sub heading stating the purpose of document
  • Draw a table, make a column for listing employee on the left most side
  • Draw another column of timings and a parallel one for days
  • List down all your employees at one place
  • In front of each individual name, write the working duration and mention particular days
  • In case of exceptions or ritual leaves, specifically mention leave tenure and highlight the names of particular workers as well

These are few primary factors that you need to keep in mind regarding the common schedule draft.

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