Here we are introducing a very popular web key tool that is call wordpress project management plugin. It is a very highly used and a very popular web tool in blogging and in system of content management. There is one reason of its popularity that it provides free for the user that there is very attractive thing to the large number of people that use their sites for the add sons or other reasons so this provides a very attractive and easy to manage the tools.

There is another reason for its popularity that it provides free extensions and plugin that contains many important and new features after a short period of time there is a very useful update is available for the user help and benefit.

For the wordpress the core installation is only free for the any other application but also the it is also unaffected by the other so many useless effects that can harm Your website is a several ways so it prevent u from many dangerous hacking efforts of Your URL. So its basic effect becomes stronger with the plug in recommendation. That’s why WordPress Training is listed in most demanded Certification training in IT center.

Best WordPress Project Management Plugin and Software

Than to give the more use ease to the user we provide the blogging and the account at the same time that PM tools are also be collaborated with the same project plug-in, so same applications can be used by using the same PM plug-in tools.

There are some users who are more familiar with the basic and extensive use of this CMS they are using or managing their project more easily or in less time with the help of wordpress extension that it is easier to manage the project with the CMS application of the plugin free installation of the PMP. So to rescue oneself from the expansive and complicated PM system than it is feasible to use the WP rather than any other tool.

WordPress Project Management Plugin updates

The time since the wordpress is being prepared and use as a free content management system, those people who are using the word press for only blogging porpoises have only to depends upon their own means that is they have to rely on their own created effects to attract the traffic sometimes with the help of community that help each other.

So from the historical back ground or from my point of view that as an old user I have seen that the WP plugin updated in every six month or later but the average update of wordpress release after every   six month.

Hare I am talking about the major update there are also free basic updates that are certainly release with in any month. For example that the version of the WP 3, 5 was release in December 2012 and its newer version is released in 2013 that was 3.6 WP. Where another update that was released on Feb. 2013 with two minor releases in October and less than tow month after that release version 3.8 released on December 12, 2013.

so this was all about the basic word press that it is a very use full and easy to manipulated web tool and the main feature of the word press project management plug-in is released at a distance of very short time that new application are released after short period of time that the user can take more and more benefits so it is a free and very useful tool that contain useful updates as well that no other tool contain.

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