During the analysis of total project or business, it important to highlight different strengthening and potential domains along with threatening factors of the market. SWOT Matrix helps big time in this regard. Here PowerPoint template you can download free from TraininAble (Project Management Training).

Excel Matrix Templates for Project Management

Using Excel matrix like BCG Matrix template, a person diligent enough in critical analysis of the associated factors can easily s find out potential segments of working and let the team know about arising problems which may hinder the growth and smooth operations of the company. These templates especially created for the purpose of analysis by using such formulas and functions of Excel which are directly appointed to the beneficial edge of business. Check out Gap analysis template for documentation creation.

The productive working layout is that you have to collect the feasible data from all sources for this analysis and then conduct the placement of information into categories over applied functions. Assessment features and comparison functions of Power-point SWOT matrix would help you carrying out useful results and conclusions which will allow you to plan precisely according to presiding conditions.

BCG Matrix

This BCG matrix Template will distribute total associations into four major categories and will help you instantly knowing strengths, weakness from internal circumstances and opportunities and threats from external ones.

What Includes in SWOT Matrix?

As apparent for name, SWOT matrix is the judgmental description of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats surrounding a business or project. This is basically and analytical approach used to highlight all these four categories of factors influencing the potential of a business. Starting categorically from strengths, it includes careful review of entire operations, finding best outcome generating portions and reason behind their efficiency.

 SWOT Powerpoint Template  bcg-matrix-Template

PowerPoint Slides Creation for SWOT

First thing you must take into consider before designing SWOT analysis documentation, each factor must clear understood and give exact direction to audience in bigger screen.

Then is the task of evaluating low potential segments and finding the causes of weaknesses in particular area of working. These two assessments are made from internally available sources of the company to find out if there is any solid basis to rectify the mode of working or redesign the working policies.