There are many issues arises for project manager that impact in overall industry like legislation of GOVT, assurance, industry capitalization, technology and other unconscious things, no matter what’s business belongs to you as a project manager you should knows about some strategies for be live after these changing.

Review some industry based changing and their impact

A great manager is already feeling about what is going on in market? How to survive with the help of tool and where to get these information’s?


Some time changing are good and insert current in your business like technology, for example Microsoft is ready to launch windows 9, so many companies already have plan to shift their entire system and train their staff about that technology. If you wants to leave behind your competitors, than you must to take little risks.

Technology Changing

 Maintain consistent branding

This problem arises in major companies after making enough of their product, sometime they loss sense of stability with rapidly changing their terms and condition about service and product.

Focus on your Business Plan

You shouldn’t turn to another side during setting a path after inserting too much time, but some time due to expense and resources you have to implement some changing in it which isn’t good sometime and sometime yes.