Tango Management groupThe town of Cochrane has hired two project managers for different tasks. One project manager would be dealing with the helm of multi-million dollar facilities. This was hired by the Tango management group of the town. The Tango group has hired these project managers for accomplishing two important tasks for breaking grounds in 2015.The Senior Manager of Tango Management group, Suzanne Gaida, said that the management has hired the project managers on the basis of their experience.

The first step for Tango in the development of the pool and curling facilities will be to work with the town and Stantec (an engineering, consulting and design firm) to begin the design development for the project.

Tango is a very good project management company and therefore the town has asked this company to accomplish the projects. The town is in confidence of the company’s policies as well as its hiring, and therefore has appreciated the decision of hiring two experienced project managers for this task. The name of the project managers have not been disclosed yet however, they are lucky enough to gain this opportunity. On the hand a high responsibility would be on them as they would be dealing the projects budgeting up to multi-million dollars.

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