Two big networking companies are in front of each other after launching NSX platform, Actually both of these companies are master in their field like VMware understand about core principle of virtualization and the other hand CISCO knows about networking and routing/switching.

Where the point of collision, actually when VMware use tactics to bough Cisco users eBay, Citi and GE? Why these user move towards different virtualization? The Cisco fails to deliver what they expect from latest technology.

VMware vs. Cisco

Both of companies need some resources and infrastructure like VMware need” hypervisor switch” and the other hand Cisco open the gate of integrating the network with virtual system.

What is the main reason of growing Cisco yearly based revenue, although some other major companies like HP, Dell and IBM are one step ahead regarding technology and system designing?

Actually Cisco knows about their key player in market, they knows how to tackle customer through more quality product. This could be possible without interaction with VMware team.

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