Gantt chart is a graphically oriented tool which shows colored progress of any project plan various task. There are many ways of utilization Gantt chart according to particular type of project. It’s easy to tracking project activities and various performing tasks detail. It’s automatically detect through inserting value in excel column in percentage, you just put this according to your plan.

It’s a project management tool, as a manage you need to upper hand on some areas like how will be the responsible of this task? How to manage daily based activities? Time required for this project?

So after outing progress of every little task, you just need to overview through this graphically presenting tool.

How to Manage Gantt chart in Project Plan?

It’s very unique way to illustrate any project on draft scale comprehensively, for example you assigned a SEO task in particular project as a manager you have to be very careful regarding budget, resources, financial risk, development and implementation tasks, human recourse management, and other extra works. You also schedule SEO tasks, SEM tasks, social media optimization tasks, and other graphics designing and development tasks according to Gantt chart.

You can easily monitor each tasks progress via this too after adding in Microsoft excel sheet. You can also arrange multiple projects through these project management templates, like overlapping project task issues, starting and ending project according to project nature.

You have to be understanding regarding creating graph manually, connect with Google doc’s spreadsheet and other malfunction of using Gantt chart. In earlier chapter in TrainingAble you can understand how this Pm tool work according project plan.

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