Get 70-640 practice exam and certification exam date 2014 of this windows server 2008 certification. In this Exam you will understand about DNS Notify configuration to active directory, forward lookup, Intermediate to medium DNS domain transfer and exchange.

You have only 60 minutes to complete the whole exam, includes MCQS, Short question and True false. 80% marks required to get this windows professional certificate.With the technology of windows 8.1 R2, Microsoft looking to trouble project managers.

Although Marks criteria is little bit difficult, I mean 20 to 30 students or professional pass this exam, other fail due to lack of study guide and practice for real exam.  Same 70-680 exam guidance review here.

Windows server 2008

Schedule of Server 2008 70-640 Exam

It’s depend on your country, every country has different schedule as you notice after registered through official site of exam. Microsoft should be your first choice regarding practice of this 70-640 server 2008 exam.

Although there are other online website provides you guidance relates to up-to-date and any other technical term understanding like UPN, ADMT.


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