Looking for East Format of Truck Driver?

Recording mileages covered by drivers is really important for showing their experience in the relevant field, however it can be time consuming to record this on the paper, therefore truck driver log template excel is available for the purpose. This record is often maintained by various professionals like drivers, scientists and athletes.

Recording the distances manually can be daunting and confusing, however you are now able to reduce complexity in your life, through downloading this template.

Useful Template for {Transport-Travel} Companies

It is important to record the covered distances and this record is often maintained by transport companies and businesses as well, as after certain distance covered, discount can be enjoyed. To claim this, efficient and accurate record is required and this can now be maintained easily through getting this template.

Truck Driver Log Template Excel Features

You may need to learn about this template before downloading it, as it has various useful features.

Manage Driver Hour

You are able to record the driving hours, according to personal or business purpose.

  • For maintaining accurate records, you are required to record distance covered according to the purpose.
  • Personal hours travelled are not taken into account for the purpose of keeping accurate records.
  • You are now required to enter the distance covered on daily basis in this sheet.

Custom Template {Printable Sheet}

Customized and divided up in multiple spreadsheets.

  • You are now able to maintain organized records through entering the details in each respected spreadsheet.
  • You are able to make any changing’s in the spreadsheet required for ease or accuracy.
  • Easy data entry is allowed.

Driver Log Book Rules

There are certain rules, which need to be followed, while updating your log book, and these rules are recorded in the book of rules for the drivers. Now get access to this sheet and use them while preparing your log book.

XLX:- Truck Driver Lock Book

How to Fill Out Dot Log Book Template?

For filling a dot log book for driver daily log record, it’s very important to record driver sleeping duties, shift roster, leaves, No of hour any particular driver use. Through this template you can also forecast management of any driver daily activities.

  • Date
  • Name of Truck
  • Total No of Miles per vehicle

Template Grid Graph use for tracking in particular hour, which particular truck use.

Driver Daily Log Book Sheet

User FMCSA, every driver must to enter their record in log book format, this should be either in Excel printable or word document. It’s your choice but regularities authority needs this log sheet.

  • Off Duty
  • Sleeping Berth
  • On-Duty (not Driving)



Rules of Driver Checklist

How can you create a sample driver log book?

Check some other code-of-conduct Viewing (PDF), after reading this manual you can easily create log book, when pressure is extreme on. Those driver who doesn’t meet requirement of GOVT rules must fine and danger of loss their government job.

Log {Header Section}

As you can seen , must enter Current date of record with transport company {Name}

Driver information Section

  • Driver {First and Last Name}
  • Co-Driver {First and Last Name}

Driver Duty & Remarks Sheet

  • Off Duty
  • Sleeper
  • Driving {Hours}
  • On-Duty

Note:- Must Enter (Last 7 days hour with total hour), {Printable section}

Driver Inspection Reporting Section

  • Pro-Shipping
  • Total Miles of Driving (Driver Signature in Full)
  • Tractor Number

Authorized Section

  • Mechanics Signature
  • Driver’s Signature

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