Let’s find BCG tool/charts for your project management solution. For completion of project plan you must insert some Excel base “Graphical Presenting” solution for your company’s project i.e (Social Media Marketing, Sales).

There are many charts, a diagram being use in various projects, without these charts and diagrams. Your particular financial or managerial and risk management or other preliminary plan would be not appreciate by top level authority. These charts and visualizing images can create a big difference in simple or professional plan. BCG matrix is very much use charts, like other SWORT analysis and work breakdown project management tool. MS Excel is compatible to this and various templates of it already being design by various developers.

Your investors, companies board of directors, clients don’t have much time to read all project text. So they just look over these insert graphs and charts and create perception over this. These BCG matrix excel templates can easy your project and adding positive points.

Some project format in excel some Microsoft word or other in PowerPoint, so software engineer design these BCG according to compatible at all.

bcg matrix template

 BCG Matrix Templates, a Project Management Tool

Abbreviation of BCG is Boston Consulting Group, create actually for understanding business brand portfolio and its market potential  mainly consist of common 4 factors like;

  • Stars
  • Questions Marks
  • Cash Cows
  • Dogs

It’s a combination of market growth rate and relative market share as you review its detail by click me.

Benefits of Project Manager from BCG Matrix

There are some benefits for project manager for making their strategy or start any project in a comprehensive way. It will help to define clear your promotion strategy either going strong offline marketing, or online marketing, strategic brand status and company portfolio image.

You can also manage project status report with this.

No other source utilize for performing this analysis, These BCG templates can itself define strategy for you after inserting data in it.

Many professional designs available at affordable prices, that looks awesome and according to type of various companies.

It will also realize other external factors that could affect your strategy.  You must notice each factor and place it to right BCG box, improper arranging between Dogs and Cash cows or Starts and questions marks may costly for you at the final result.

How to Insert BCG Matrix In excel?

Review step by step guidance for arranging BCG bubble matrix through excel, you can easily create chart without purchasing any templates also.

Step 1

First of all open your new Excel sheet (CTRL+N) and click on Insert

Step 2

Here you see different charts like; (pie chart, pert charts, bar, line and column charts). Click on other charts and then after click on bubble as you seen in this image below.

Step 3

  • White box appear in your excel sheet, right click on it and select “select data”
  • Click on Add section, than other box appears in front of you, inset value like: Market Growth of than click ok.
  • You are seeing a box with a bubble with tile Market Growth, if not than restart the procedure again.

Mostly students or a professional questions me after trouble so here are free BCG Matrix template to download. After downloading it you can edit value according to particular project. Don’t forget TrainingAble.com a free source of project management tools and techniques provider.



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