Looking for executive class meeting room service in Lahore Pakistan? Here some companies provide this service base on most popular concept (Co-Working). You can not only get space for your employees but also conduct business meeting at prime location of Lahore.


The most popular company in Lahore provide assistance all over the world client, either you want some space for your staff or just looking for virtual office assistant, officespace.pk team here to listen your requirements. Pioneer company who initiate coworking concept in Pakistan.

Why OfficeSpace.pk?

There is no other company in Lahore who is providing this service at competitive rates. You don’t need to worry about any particular office issues like electricity, Internet, Furniture, Security, Office Boy, Client dealing or other hidden problems. These guys are very professional in their business and know how to bear the extreme pressure in any circumstances.


What Services Includes in Service?

Each and everything is include in service, you just need to contact particular person (Mentioned in Website of OfficeSpace) and done deal whatever you want?

  • Electricity Backup (Hybrid Solar System)
  • Dedicated Internet Connection
  • Meeting and Conference Room
  • Office Boy
  • Kitchen amenities
  • A.C Environment
  • Gaming and Relaxing area

Feel free to contact about meeting room service in Lahore with agreed timing. TrainingABle.com is the free informative blog dealing in company management information.


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