What are the main items you see in template? Some are looking professional, some creative or other confusing but the main thing in it your approach towards your company branding. Business portfolio is very important to show external word or clients, investors, stockholder and other people who have directly or indirectly connect your business. So Microsoft Word should be your first tool regarding creating awesome profile.

Here are some samples by some professional designer, I also create business profile Microsoft template, check out sample and comment me if you want to download full version of it.

Business Portfolio Templates Word Samples

Here are sample download, as you can get after click the link above, there are something you need to be consider before writing or designing any business portfolio either online of just copied documentation used in business plan, preliminary planning, financial or proposal of sponsorship designing.

Things Remember before Portfolio Creating

One thing make sure about your creativity in front page, your designing should be unique or presenting whole theme of your business in just one view. Like if you are in restaurant or hotels business then use some kind of relative image in front cover of proposal.

  • Clear and presentable
  • Looking professionally
  • Use Business Color (Banding)
  • Present Your Idea Slowly (Phase by Phase)
  • Use Graph and Chart for showing statistics

Sometime more creativity or use of eye catching color could be damage your idea, font style is also keep much worth in portfolio designing.

Business Portfolio Template

Business Plan and Portfolio Management

Before making a business plan as a manager some you shouldn’t underestimate some crucial things like preliminary designing, notify each department, discussion with company designing staff and other important statistics detail by each department like financial, quality assurance, future projection planning department and other consultant.

Increasing demand and corporate acquisitions it’s very difficult to maintain same status, so it’s very important not only synergistic relationship but also visible your business in front of your clients and competitors. You have to be thinking beyond the box for innovate some strategically plan for improvement of your business.



Project Portfolio Management

It’s a backbone of your strategy, so a project manager it’s your responsibility for collaboration some external factors, operating financial goal and other tactical planning for establishing a better platform for your company success.

In this template you must include each and every parts of this topic like governance, strategic, communication, risk and controlling portfolio.

So these Business portfolio templates word samples by Microsoft not only provided to do list essential items, but also gives idea about presenting to creating. Connect With TrainingAble for more exposure about project management and latest technology and corporate strategies.