If you are doing CA, you are definitely aware of the fact that changes are continuously made in the syllabus and pattern of the papers and students are required to be aware of the fact to pass the specific level, as this professional degree is not casual as rest. Syllabus for the IPCC and IPCE course stage has been decided for the 2016-2017 and this is not available online and the upcoming papers will include new topics and syllabus as well.

Just like other courses for example PMI training these certification have values in business.  Format of these courses you can download via TrainingAble after requesting.

IPCC and IPCE Course Duration

The course is 2nd stage for the CA, and its duration is approximately 9 months. Once you are registered as student for this course this time period has started and it do include your coaching time period as well. the period finishes, until you appear for the paper.

How to get registered?

If you are interesting is getting registered and become recognizable student of the course, prospectuses are available in multiple places for your feasibility.

  • These forms are available at the institutions which are directly linked with accounting body.
  • Head office of the CA, prospectus are available there as well.
  • Look for the branches of the institution and get your form for registration now.

How to fill it?

To save your even more time and avoiding any mistake, get the form or get it online and fill it according to the instructions mentioned on the form. Once filled you can get the print of the form and look for the entire form again.


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