Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Looking for project portfolio status or progress report indicator chart, tool and templates of dashboard or tracking? This is Gantt chart linked tool for monitor activity and tracks any issues during the project. Now you can improve the performance of the project via burn down chart, BCG Matrix and evaluate your performance through this budget planner or summarized portfolio Microsoft oriented business intelligence tool.

  1. Complete project tracking through an interactive dashboard
  2. Multiple projects tracking on one window
  3. Easy Project scheduling
  4. Ms. Excel-Based small business software for monitoring
  5. Ask TrainingAble for more specification of software

Here below I would like to explain a module containing some numerically calculated value for understanding project status visually. Phase by Phase you will create this one for manage expense budget, performance plan, risk evaluation, resources, and another timeline calendar-based chart.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

After adding project summary, accomplishments, benefits, and role by each member, you must create another box for calculation budget and cost details like time duration Vs planned/spend current FTE (explain the operational cost and IT cost).

Add new box for Stakeholders or investors for this project in which includes sponsor organization, initiative sponsor, initiative owner, manager, and IT Manager and a project office in TBD.

Project Portfolio Status Report Template

Planned Vs Actual Effort for Active Project

In this chart, two columns represent the status of any project against its performance, both of column attached in a different color, one show effort planned and other show active project status.

Active projects Health View Calculated

Which mentioned each project type vs. overall effort, cost, and assessment in different colors or shapes. Custom and product comparison against portfolio dashboard and tree view chart.

Gantt chart view of Project Status

Now the time of most popular project management tracking tool – Gantt chart, easy to track project by ID and defined Manager of each particular project, with the use of color you can differentiate project type and another task like dashboard portfolio.

You can also attach another pie chart, or any funnel chart for the calculated expense and financial evaluation of task, the pie chart is also here to manage your score and display progressive analysis in round figure data.

Type of Project Portfolio Status Reporting

First of all, you understand status reporting. Multiple types of dashboard system have been introducing in the market like;

Project Portfolio Dashboard Excel

This is excellent software on Excel, you can track each project by particular person effectively. With the addition of Gantt chart, To-do-list and task tracking this software are the best selling system in excel.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

So if you ever design portfolio status templates in either excel or using software, make sure about these points and remember this tool. Every manager has own choice in respect of selecting project management dashboard software, you can create this manually via excel or Microsoft word tool.





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