In this post you will get not only basic tutorial of how to Use Gantt chart, but also get some Microsoft Excel 2013 compatible tool tricks, These 2010 version compatible charts is little bit problem regarding screenshot on MAC, so let’s start from scratch to fundamental training for using this on project planning process.

You got the idea about “phase Milestone” Task assigned by team members in a particular project, Effort Hours, duration date some tool have starting date to ending date, WCA code percentage figure and any other extra Colum like Comments and recommendation. I recently shows a example of task design using Gantt Excel Tool 2010, don’t forgot to view this tutorial also.

Starting With Excel 2013 Gantt chart Templates

First for all you must mentioned company or Project name, with Project team lead, Today Date, viewing weeks in upper header of section. Then comes in to body area, where first you crate column that show particular team member tasks, you can separate this section by different color. After create 2nd column and mentioned it “Type” Ending Date and Starting Date is the most important part of this, you can view Gantt progress through these two columns.

MS Excel 2013 and Gantt chart

Previous version is little bit more compatibility issues regarding opening in MS excel or other Mac operating system, now you can easily work on it although in Windows 8.

In this case you isn’t required to advance technique of excel, just fundamental concept of using Gantt Tool and some basic Excel 2013 principle. Microsoft changes its technology day by day, and I’m sure about Excel 2014 coming it soon with lots of trouble for companies and project managers.

Simple Gantt Chart

How to present your Data though Gantt chart

It’s very easy task to present data in excel Gantt chat, here is complete detail described by Microsoft with this Bar chart, step by step guidance of how to create it manually and some simulation based tricks.

Here is a template to use, you can also submit your personnel template through this, just sing in Google Drive and linked your profile to this.

So it’s all about Gantt Chart Excel 2013 template, make your recommendation on it and read my other article that’s about Spreadsheet management through this one. Easy to Manage, time efficient and multiple project handled project management tool.



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