Looking for an update of Employee leave record in 2019 to 2020 years (calendar)? Recently we updated this post into Format of Leave record in excel. You can also download Spreadsheet of leave record after requesting US.

Are you trouble regarding managing employees leaves a record? How many vacations your employees already take in this month or annually? It’s very important to maintain the financial record as well as performance improvement planning. So what to do? Which tools and techniques or templates account managers been used to maintain records?

Through this Employee Leave Record Format, you can manage attendance records with financial details of every single employee.

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In this post, I will give you summarized detail about management vacation to working, absent to most present day’s record via some dashboard planner or excel templates of Microsoft. The comprehensive system of attendance may fulfill each requirement for employees’ financial management.

  1. Easily manage each employee financial details
  2. Maintain or create salary slip
  3. Deduction of salary easily, according to leave or absent

You need some summarized detail of every single employee in your department, companies experience difficulty regarding adjust leave or absent record of 200 plus staff. It’s very important to use some easy tool for view figure to any other manager in short. Easy to maintain financial record,

How to Maintain Employee Leave Record Format in Excel Planner?

Answer: First of all make sure you understand some technical terms of dashboard tracker, some accountancy details and fundamental knowledge of excel 2010 and 2013 or 2016 because this template is compatible with any MS Excel version or also on MAC.

Either you can create it manually via on simply excel or get some easy formatted templates, the first review how to create it simple one. Review some tracking templates for understanding its depth.

  1. In this case, you just need to create a spreadsheet or on Google Docs for manage records online.
  2. Then in the first 5 rows remove content and placed the Company logo and summary of file like “Name of File” Department type, how many employees there? And other basic details.
  3. Create column 5 to 6
  4. In the first row add some background color to differentiate the title
  5. Add employees ID or specially assigned Roll-No if any
  6. Add First and Last name, then add department
  7. Track Leave as…. (Days, Hourly)
  8. Annually Leave
  9. Annual Leave carried from last year
  10. Bonus Leave and Total leave record calculated

But the problem is you have to create this manually to insert each and every detail about its own without any notification and red marks.

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Employee Leave Record Template Excel

Employee Attendance Record Tracker

In this automatically manage tool you just need to add one time your employee data, this will show you in a calendar shape on any notification and red sign on particular no or employee name.

You can easily calculate any particular staff member leave, absent record in a month or annually for setting their salaries or other bonuses. Some templates are the very tough and confused person to manage; some are very easy to calculate. Make sure you are very much aware of the basic principle of accountancy formulas to calculate easily otherwise take calculator during arrange record.

There are a lot of templates that helps you to keep your eye on your staff, employee attendance weekly sheet templates are one of the best regulatory templates to access one’s punctuality. For any organization, there are many ways to make sure your organization’s performance.

These days one another source of attendance record keeping is the biometric system which helps you to manage employee records, but Microsoft Excel template is a more precise way to manage monthly, daily and weekly attendance. Furthermore,  in detail about this template, you can manage day or night shifts slot wise time-wise and according to their ranking, monitoring your staff record will increase the organization’s productivity in terms of services and products as well.

Highlights about Weekly  Employee Attendance Sheet:

Basically, this template consist of days date and another necessary field to be filled out by HR resource person on daily basis, mark his sign after single shift some time it’s better to recount your staff after the break, this template consists of:

  1. Site name
  2. Shift In-charge
  3. Month, Year, Holiday
  4. Employee names

For more detail about Employee Leave Record Format, or download you can COmment Us and ask for more template samples. The all in one template you require for managing attendance, absent and leave data in a particular month.


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