Employee is basically a individual working in some business or organization to do a specific job and he earns some amount of money in the end of month. Salary slip format in simpler words is a piece of paper showing exact information about the money which will be provided to employee at the end of month.

It is a paper showing information about the pay he will get in the end of month for the work he is doing in business or industry.


Benefits of salary slip to Employee

  • It clearly shows the amount of money a person will be rewarded in yearend therefore it roughly shows financial position of employee.
  • An employee can clearly understand the deduction of pay in case of leave.
  • It also clearly shows the amount deducted as taxes and additional information.
  • If a person wants to apply for a loan from bank his salary slip is needed as a proof to show the amount of money which can be taken as loan.
  • To buy an automobile on installments salary slip is asked by bank.
  • A salary slip also shows that a person is working with some good organization therefore helping external business to trust on a person.
  • In case of a new job it is needed sometime as a proof to show his previous monthly income.
  • Employee payroll tracking system is also excellent software for entire company management.

In project management this must be consider a necessary part, mainly if you are talking about financial accounting management. Company’s pay more attention towards this factor for saving trouble and confusing in arranging monthly employees salaries.

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